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Shrimp - it's what's for dinner. And lunch. And, let's be honest, if we could get away with eating shrimp for breakfast, we would. You can make any meal into something special if you add shrimp to it. Yes, shrimp is the gift of the seafood gods, and down here in Florida, we've got a true bounty thanks to those Key West pinks that get pulled from the ocean by our local fishermen.

Pound for Pound, the Best Value Out There

Florida pink shrimp is absolutely delicious, and you'll like how we're the best place to find the highest quality shrimp at the most affordable price per pound. You can find some gigantic shrimp here at Eaton Street - we're talking fresh 16/20 count and 21/25 count shrimp, all available for around $20 per pound. That's not a sale price but our everyday pricing! And yes, this is fresh gulf shrimp, just pulled out of the ocean and dropped off by one of our many local fisherman partners that provide us with fresh seafood. This is what we mean by customer service when it comes to Eaton Street.

In fact, we're your best source for not just Key West Pink shrimp but that elusive gulf shrimp known as Royal Red as well. These deepwater shrimp are often only found 800 feet down or even further, and they have a buttery, almost lobster-like flavor that has to be experienced to truly appreciate. You'll be sure to like or even love the flavor of these unique shrimp, so don't hesitate to add some to your next order. Beware, though - not every Florida fisherman is even licensed to catch Royal Reds, so it's not always easy to find them! We're dedicated to providing nothing but the highest quality shrimp to each and every customer when they're looking for fresh shrimp, though, and that's why we go out of our way to offer fresh Royal Reds.

Can't Pick Up In Person? We've Got You Covered!

You can find frozen shrimp in just about any seafood section in any supermarket across the globe. But you don't want frozen shrimp, you want newly-caught, great tasting shrimp, fresh from the Gulf. That's why we're your ideal source of fresh shrimp and other fresh, delicious seafood. Not only that, we know how hard it is to fit shopping into your daily schedule. That's why we've taken steps to add the ability for you to order shrimp online and have it delivered right to your front door to make things easy. Not only that but with free shipping, your delivery is on us!

Between work, taking care of the kids, or anything else you've got to do on a daily basis, you're lucky if you have time to hit the drive-thru on the way home! That's why we ship our shrimp, Gulf brine still dripping from them, right to your home overnight in our carefully refrigerated packages to keep your shrimp fresh. It's a win-win: you gain access to large, fresh shrimp that haven't been frozen, and we have the opportunity to show you the great customer service that's made us a local legend. Add some fresh shrimp to your next order today and you'll be one happy customer!