Eaton Street Seafood Market employs a sustainable process from dock to dish. Our special mail order seafood processing system cuts out middlemen, allowing us to deliver high-quality fresh seafood to your door. It’s fast, convenient, and it comes at the right price.

A typical mail order seafood scenario goes like this: A skilled fisherman ventures into the Gulf of Mexico, catches a big grouper, and pulls up to the Key West dock. Shortly after, the fish is cleaned, filleted, packed, and labeled.

Within the next hour or two, it’s available at our fresh seafood restaurant. It’s also on the way to the tables of our online customers via overnight delivery. Our customers enjoy fresh fish, grilled and served with Key lime mustard sauce. It’s healthy and bursting with flavor.

That’s how we’ve been distributing the world’s healthiest protein — wild-caught fishes, shrimp, stone crab claws, and many more. If it’s so simple and convenient, then why are so many people still eating frozen seafood imported from farms in Asia?

A huge proportion of the seafood we add to our food in the United States is imported. Why are we neglecting the best quality seafood that nature has blessed us with in the Key West area? This should not be.

Here’s how we create a sustainable process to serve our local and online communities with locally caught seafood.

#1: Sustainable Fishing

At Eaton Street Seafood Market we promote sustainable fishing, which is why we have some of the healthiest seafood Key West offers.  Sustainable fishing has a positive impact on the seafood, the sea, and our environment. That’s why we work directly with local fishermen from Key West. They observe the seasons for various species, and they adhere to strict government regulations.

Through our commitment to sustainable fishing, we promote:

  • Recovery of precious stocks and their natural habitats
  • Increase of healthy sea creatures and a healthy ocean environment
  • Better livelihood for people living in the Keys and neighboring communities
  • Improved income for fishermen and those who depend on fisheries for a living

Our mail order fresh seafood processing system at Eaton Street Seafood Market is more sustainable than others as big ships catch seafaring creatures and keep them at sea for many days or weeks. Plus, with others, the frozen seafood is shipped to grocery stores. Ultimately, this reduces the quality of the fish, diminishing its nutrients and exposing the food to bacteria.

#2: Fresh Fish Processing

After receiving fresh, locally caught fish, we pass them on to our master chefs for cleaning, deboning, and filleting. A fillet is a fresh-sliced strip of flesh without the bones. This is done by cutting meat away from the bone lengthwise on a single side.

Normally, before filleting we remove all the scales, or we take off the entire fish skin. The stomach contents are also removed. In some cases, we create steaks or cutlets.

While you may prefer to buy a whole fish since it lets you know how fresh it is, buying fillets offers these benefits:

  • Buying a pound of fillets instead of a pound of whole fish gives you more meat per pound
  • Fillets save you time when you need to prepare a meal
  • Fillets can be prepared faster on the grill

We always observe strict hygiene and food safety regulations when we make fillets.

Also, for a stone crab mail order, we receive the crab claws or whole stone crabs from fishermen who bring freshly caught crabs to dock. Similarly, for mail order shrimp processing and delivery, we either sell the shrimp fresh or remove the heads and shells and cook them for you.

#3: Express Shipping to Your Door

We deliver all orders for fresh fish through express shipping and overnight delivery. Working with the most reliable shipping service in the country, we ensure that you receive fresh seafood at your doorstep within 24 hours thanks to overnight shipping. Our Internet store is open to serve you and your family with the best seafood online 24 hours daily.

Now, let’s answer two vital questions that most of our customers ask:

Where is the best place to buy seafood online?

If you’ve been wondering, “Where is the nearest fish market to me,” or “How to do I get a fisher’s market near me,” then you’ve come to the right place.  The best place to buy different types of fish, shrimp, lobster, and scallops is Eaton Street Seafoods Market. We have improved our online store to make it easier for you to order any type of fresh seafood or shrimp we harvest locally in the Florida Keys.

How do I buy fresh seafood online?

Buying seafood by mail is easy. The process is simple, fast, and convenient. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Visit our online store
  • Choose the type of product you want (e.g., wild-caught Fresh Shrimp)
  • Select a specific product (e.g., Key West Pink Shrimp 16/20 ct)
  • Choose the quantity you want and add it to your cart
  • Add any other items to accompany your order (e.g., cocktail sauce, crab claws, and wild-caught lobster tails)

Complete the order by adding your shipping address, email address, and other details. We’ll process your order promptly for express shipping or overnight delivery your mail order fish, lobster tails, crab, shrimp, etc. from our sea foods market to any location in the United States.

Now you know how we deliver fresh seafood to customers across the country and in a sustainable way every week. Why stay stuck searching Google for a “fish mart near me” when you can place your order now and have fresh-caught seafood delivered to you door from the Florida Keys. Order today and feast tomorrow!