A Selection of Seafood Recipes

  • Seafood As A Dinner Party Idea
    With such a great range of fresh fish at Eaton Street, it’s so easy to organise a sea food based dinner party.
  • Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo
    A great recipe for a classic seafood dish – Give it a try !!
  • Cooking Fish The Easy Way
    Don’t be frightened to buy raw fish. Cooking fish is the easiest thing and here you will find some really useful tips.
  • How To Cook Mahi Mahi
    Mahi Maho or Dolphin Fish or Dorado…whatever you call it, it’s delicious !!. We have a delicious recipe for brioled mahi mahi here.
  • How To Cook Grouper
    Two simple but tasty recipes for cooking Grouper, one of the tastiest fish in the ocean.
  • How To Cook Wahoo
    Two simple recipes able to bring out the wonderful flavour of the Wahoo.
  • Two Recipes For Grilled Tuna
    Two recipes for one of the tastiest fish in the ocean, the mighty Tuna.
  • The Best Way To Barbecue Fish
    Some very useful tips on how to barbecue freshly caught fish. So easily overcooked, follow these rules are serve your fish at its very best.