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Sweet & Spicy Grilled Key West Pink Shrimp

Key West Pink Shrimp are a favorite among seafood lovers who crave these wild-caught delights year-round. Most known for their mild, sweet flavor, Key West Pink Shrimp can be used as scampi, in peel and eat cocktails, or incorporated into any recipe. The shrimp’s distinct pink hue and sweet taste are derived from the clean […]

Buttery Lemon Garlic Snapper

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Few things are more delicious than fresh seafood. Grouper, lobster, shrimp, and tuna are staples in any seafood aficionado’s diet. If you live near the ocean, you know how delicious fresh seafood tastes when it goes from sea to skillet to plate within just minutes. Yum! If you don’t live near the coast, finding fresh […]

Key West-Style Fish and Chips

As if you needed another excuse to buy fresh fish online, we’re sharing our favorite recipe for Key West-style fish and chips. But before we get into the specifics, let’s look at a little background on this fan-favorite dish. This traditional seafood meal evolved in the 17th century out of Belgium or France, whichever story […]

The Best Grilled Yellow Jack to Make at Home

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Even non-fish lovers can’t deny that grilled yellow jack is pretty amazing. If you ever have someone tell you they don’t like fish, just grill up a piece of yellow jack and watch them change their minds! Our online fish store is brimming with fresh-caught yellow jack, and we’re sharing the perfect recipe for you […]

The Must-Try Conch Recipe You’ve Been Missing!

Conch Meat for Sale

Conch meat, get your fresh conch meat! Conch meat for sale at Eaton Street Seafood Market! Conch meat is about as newsworthy as it gets here at Eaton Street Seafood Market. This ocean delicacy is truly an underrated gem – there are too many folks that don’t know what conch is or how amazing it tastes. Not […]

Conch Fritter Recipe For the Win!

Conch Fritter Recipe

Conch is one of the most underrated members of the seafood family. Though considered a delicacy in some countries, most folks in the U.S. have no idea what conch is. Conch is a member of the mollusk family and lives inside spiral-shaped seashells (or conch shells). They’re rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Here’s the […]

Shrimp and Sausage Cajun Gumbo with Rice

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This might sound biased, but our fresh Key West shrimp is arguably the best reason to buy seafood online. Especially when we’re also sharing the ways you can use them! We’ve taken all the best flavors of Cajun gumbo and added our Key West pink shrimp to make it simply perfect. Plus, it tastes like […]

Tomato Seafood Chowder, Key West Style

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There are two major perks of ordering from an online seafood market: The first being you get high-quality seafood that’s just as fresh as though you bought it straight off the boats. And the second is that you can check out all their tried and true recipes to make your seafood order worth savoring. Today […]

Homemade Baja Fish Tacos For the Win!

baja fish tacos

Skip the taco truck—we’ve got a super simple recipe for homemade baja fish tacos you’ll want to eat every night this week! These things are seriously delicious, and are actually pretty healthy (as far as tacos go). Naturally, we recommend using our Key West Yellowtail Snapper, but there’s a lot of flexibility here that gives […]

Love Fresh Shrimp? Try This Easy One-Pan Key West Pink Shrimp

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Key West pink shrimp make life worth living! Seriously, there’s no wrong way to enjoy them: boiled, fried, grilled, or pan seared to perfection. Fresh shrimp one of our most versatile offerings at Eaton Street Seafood, and it was tough choosing just one perfect recipe to share with our readers. But, lo and behold, we […]