Healthy Fish Recipes: 3 Tasty Entrees You Should Try Today

Healthy Fish Recipes

When it comes to eating healthy, you can never go wrong with fish. With so many different preparation methods to choose from, you may find yourself spoiled for choice. However, you need not worry. We’ve compiled three of the easiest healthy fish recipes that are fast to prepare and taste amazing as well.

Golden Tilefish

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Golden tilefish is a very simple and fast seafood recipe to make. To prepare this mouthwatering meal, you’ll need fresh golden tilefish fillets, salt, ground pepper, butter, peanut oil, and cilantro leaves.

Start by seasoning the golden tilefish fillets using salt and pepper, and dip them in an oiled saucepan over medium heat. Dip fry the fillets until they turn golden brown on both sides. Add butter and cook for a few more minutes. Garnish the tilefish fillets with cilantro leaves and serve.

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Shrimp Fried Rice

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If you’ve had enough of boring chicken dinners, then try something different with this tongue-smacking shrimp fried rice recipe. To make this simple and tasty dish, you’ll need a couple of ingredients, including 2 cloves of minced garlic, soy sauce, white pepper, 1 diced onion, and kosher salt.

Ginger Garlic Pan Roasted Swordfish

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Ginger garlic pan-roasted swordfish is a sumptuous restaurant-style meal that you can prepare easily at home. Some of the main ingredients for this tasty dish include 2 tablespoons of butter, two teaspoons of chopped parsley, crushed pepper and half a teaspoon of grated lemon peel.  This swordfish cuisine takes about half an hour to prepare and will leave everyone’s tongue wagging.

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