Mahi Mahi is the Perfect Dish to Get Your Summer Started Right

This week, we’re featuring the delicious Key West favorite Mahi Mahi. It’s caught right here in our fair city and there’s a simple reason why it’s so popular– because it’s light, flaky, and delicious. And remember, whether you dine in, pick it up, or have it home delivered anywhere in the country, your Mahi Mahi […]

Triggerfish Ceviche

An Introduction to the Triggerfish Welcome back to the Eaton Street Seafood Market everyone, the number one spot for fresh fish delivery in all of Key West and beyond! This time out, we’re going to jump right into the deep end and talk about one of Key West’s lesser known delicacies– the delicious triggerfish. And […]

Delicious Eaton Street Ahi Tuna Loin Made Simple

Everything From Fabulous Sit Down Dining to Fresh Seafood Delivery Hello everyone, and greetings from the Eaton Street Seafood Market in Key West, Florida! There was a little rain earlier in the day, but the sun poked its head out around lunchtime and it’s been tropical perfection since. So if you’re not in the neighborhood […]